– pasta (or gnocchi) & bolognaise sauce (minced beef with tomato)

– fresh cheese(or meat) ravioli & white sauce

– paella

– arranchine ( rice ball with core: mozzarella cheese , around smoked ham and crunchy bread crumbs outside) & bolognaise sauce

– pasta pesto (garlic, tomato, herbs)

– Gratin pasta al forno (oven pasta baked)

– real pizza, home made pizza  

– fish cous cous or lamb cous cous or vegi cous cous

– bouillabaisse Marseille France (fish soup with crouton with rouille )

– papillottes (fish filet in aromatic wraping in an aluminium foil)

– Salads :
pasta salad basil or pesto vinaigrette
prawn and sausage and corn salad
Hawaii salad


–  scallop with green sauce

– rouget sauce safranée (redmullet ,rice with saffron sauce )

–  mushroom risotto

-- mushroom rice  set (mushroom rice in mushroom shape)

–  Sicilian pasta (light sauce pasta with breadcrumb)

–  fresh pasta, color pasta, gnocchi, canelloni

– Italian fried noodle

– feuilleté (pastry filled with vegi or crab or prawns with creamy sauce)

– squid tempura

– chicken, duck, beef, pork or veg confit

– chicken, beef or pork with blue sauce ( blue cheese)

– beef filet with roast potato (if we can find beef filet)

– hache de boeuf sauce madere (beef steak port wine sauce)

– beef strogonof -beef with onion confit sauce

– meat balls (tender or kebabs meatballs) with tian (vegetable dressing)

– pan bagnat -south france sandwich with tuna, fresh tomatoes, egg

– Tuna Brick (thin crispy pastry fill with tuna and egg)

– Home made Hamburger

– quiche and tarts


– nori tube slices with various topping

– Fondue Bourguignonne (last-minute fried meat cube dip in various sauce)

– raclette  warm cheese sauce on various ham and side dish

– Tapas :
curry prawns *
cumin cheese cubes *
tapenade (olive paste) *
crab paste (I can do this too.) *
little sausage skewer *
crab stick skewer with white curry sauce *
vegi chips *
Swedish sashimi (marinated salmon) *
hoummous (oriental canapé) (spreaded bread)*
tarama (russian canapé) (spreaded bread)*
bruscheta (Italian bready pizza )*

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